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NBA Live Mobile Team of the Week 9: Kyrie Irving,Marc Gasol,Jon Leuer,Tyler Johnson and Jefferson

12/28/2016 4:26:41 PM

TOTW 9 is headlined by 90 OVR Kyrie Irving which is available in packs for 48 hours. If you are new to TOTW program, check out our news post that breaks down exactly how it works.


NBA Live Mobile TOTW 9 List:

90 PG: Kyrie Irving (Big Man Lineup; 48 Hours Only)

Speed 88, Dribbling 93, 3 Coiner 87, Shooting 76, Defense 65, Passing 82.

Big man pgs will never be an option if they have lower overalls than master WB.

89 C: Marc Gasol (Shooting Lineup: Set Hero)

Speed 63, Dribbling 45, 3 Coiner 44, Shooting 75, Defense 85, Passing 76.

44 3pt in a shooting lineup. Can not understand.

82 PF: Jon Leuer (Defensive Lineup)

Speed 80, Dribbling 51, 3 Coiner 76, Shooting 79, Defense 74, Passing 67.

Decent offensive option if you wanna try him out

80 SG: Tyler Johnson (Small Ball Lineup)

Speed 85, Dribbling 83, 3 Coiner 73, Shooting 75, Defense 66, Passing 84.

Hidden stats are ridiculous for an 80, legitimately reliable from 3 somehow.

79 SF: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (Two Way Lineup)

Speed 92, Dribbling 66, 3 Coiner 73, Shooting 77, Defense 69, Passing 66.

Should have 35 three smh.

Also, this month's Hero of the Month is 94 OVR James Harden. To complete this set you will need the Team of the Week Hero's from Weeks 6-9.


Week 6: Gordon Hayward (Shooting Lineup)

Week 7: John Wall (Defensive Lineup)

Week 8: Eric Bledsoe (Two Way Lineup)

Week 9: Marc Gasol (Shooting Linuep) believes Marc Gasol and Tyler Johnson will be the best investment player this week, and if you want to Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins, you can choose Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins. Use coupon "2K17" can enjoy a 5% discount.

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