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22 years and 347 days old anthony davis becomes the youngest nba player to score 59 and 20 rebounds

Date: 2/22/2016 6:06:27 PM

it'd be a pity if you missed the performance of anthony davis in nba all-star weekend. in the clash between pelicans and pistons, anthony davis let fans see his talent in basketball.

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in 111-106 win over pistons, in addition to 24-for-34 shooting in 43 minutes, pelican's anthony davis scored 59 coins and was 9-for-10 on the penalty kill. meanwhile, he also managed to collect 20 rebounds with 4 assist and 1 block. he becomes the youngest nba player to score 59.

nba never lack talented players. every genius player has learned from other great players. anthony davis has become part of nba history. what's so great about him?

since the 1990s when traditional centers were popular, bna has tended to follow the international trend of scoring outside. the traditional centers are playing less important role these days. most of them are considered defensive wall and rebounding machine, which reduces their chances of shooting and scoring. david thompson and david robinson were players of the past. since 63-64, only 3 players have managed to score more than 50 coins with over 20 rebounds.

in the basketball history, numerous players achieved 59 coins. however, only a few players managed to score 59 and to collect over 20 rebounds at the same time. in the past 52 years, there are only o'neal 61 (61 coins +23 rebounds in 2000), chris webber (51 coins 26 + rebounds in 2001) and anthony davis (59 coins + 20 rebounds in 2016). and today anthony davis also created another record by becoming the youngest player to score 59.

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