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Nba 2K22 Build Guide News
  • Best NBA 2K22 Ja Morant Build Best NBA 2K22 Ja Morant Build - Overpowered Ja Morant Build 2K22 Current Gen

    Ja Morant is among the very best players in NBA 2K22, how to make a Ja Morant build in 2K22? Now let’s go over two different versions of the NBA 2K22 Ja Morant build for current gen.   Best NBA 2K22 Ja Morant Build - Overpowered Ja Morant Build 2K22 Current GenNBA 2K22 Ja Morant Build (SG)The first ...

    5/20/2022 3:52:18 PM

  • 2k22 iso build NBA 2K22 Best ISO Build - All-Around Threat Build 2K22 Current Gen

    How do you get all-around players in 2K22? You can always try new types of builds in MyCAREER and test them to get the best results. Here is an NBA 2K22 best ISO build current gen, which can help you become an all-around threat in the game. NBA 2K22 Best ISO Build - All-Around Threat Build 2K22 Curr...

    4/28/2022 5:10:07 PM

  • NBA 2K22 Season 6 Best Build NBA 2K22 Season 6 Best Build - Most Overpowered PG Build for 2K22 Season 6

    When going into the new season, what type of build should you make? With the time towards the end of the game, maybe you can go in some different directions from before. Let’s get straight to the following NBA 2K22 best build for Season 6 with its breakdown. NBA 2K22 Season 6 Best Build - Most Overp...

    4/11/2022 4:54:32 PM

  • 2K22 best defensive build NBA 2K22 Best Defensive Build - Top 3 Defense Build 2K22 Current Gen

    How to max out your defense capability to guard the opponents in NBA 2K22 games? What attributes matter much for your player? Become a top-tier defender with the following NBA 2K22 current-gen defensive build. Top 3 NBA 2K22 Best Defensive (Lock) Build Current GenCheck out the breakdown of three def...

    3/24/2022 10:45:08 AM

  • 2k22 sharpshooter build NBA 2K22 Best Sharpshooter Build Current & Next Gen - 2 Way & Pure Sharpshooter 2K22

    The sharpshooter in NBA 2K22 can range from point guard to shooting guard position, and dealy from downtown and mid-range, especially combing good badges. Now, we’ve found the NBA 2K22 best sharpshooter build for current-gen and next-gen, they are overpowered 2-way sharpshooter and pure sharpshooter...

    3/1/2022 5:44:59 PM

  • 2k22 kevin durant build current gen NBA 2K22 Current Gen Kevin Durant Build - Best 6'10" Build 2K22

    Kevin Durant can shoot from anywhere and helps score for your team. How do you make your player like Kevin Durant? Shooting and finishing are important when you create the MyPLAYER build, check out the following NBA 2K22 Kevin Durant build current gen, which is a demigod 6’10” build, along with a br...

    2/25/2022 4:54:23 PM

  • qq图片20220209145017 NBA 2K22 Current Gen Slashing Shot Creator Build - Best SG Build In 2K22

    Have you been searching for the most unique and overpowered builds in NBA 2K22? It doesn't have to be like the best badge count or anything like that. Today we've got you the rarest and best NBA 2K22 current gen SG build, a slashing shot creator at 99 overall, in-depth the advantages, attributes, ba...

    2/9/2022 2:59:47 PM

  • qq图片20211117122346 NBA 2K22 Current Gen Best Build - Top 5 Most Overpowered Builds In 2K22

    Now that we are about months into NBA 2K22. By now, we know the 2K22 next gen best builds, we know the best play styles, we know the best dribble moves, and we pretty much know everything about this game. Are you looking for new best current gen build to create in NBA 2K22 Season 4? In this guide, w...

    2/1/2022 5:16:11 PM

  • 2k22 best 2 way playmaker Best 2 Way Playmaker Build in NBA 2K22 Current Gen - 2 Way Playmaker 2K22 Build, Jumpshot & Badges

    How to make the most insane build in NBA 2K22? Two-way playmaker is a popular build to go in MyPLAYER Builder. On current-gen, here we bring you an overpowered 2-way playmaker build in NBA 2K22, along with the best 2 way playmaker jumpshot and badges. Best 2 Way Playmaker Build in NBA 2K22 Current G...

    1/5/2022 4:01:20 PM

  • 2k22 best sg build NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen Shooting Guard Build - Best SG Build in 2K22

    A lot of legends play as shooting guards in NBA 2K22, and they can win even more than 100 points in one game. If you are going to build your MyPLAYER as an SG, here we’ve found the NBA 2K22 best shooting guard build next gen and current gen with details below. Related Read: Best 2 Way Playmaker Buil...

    1/4/2022 3:29:03 PM

  • QQ图片20211231171658_副本 NBA 2K22 Current Gen Best Small Forward Build - Top 5 Most Overpowered SF Builds In 2K22

    In NBA 2K22, the small forward position allows you to display a wide range of physiques. How to make the best SF build in NBA 2K22 current gen? Whatever you are looking for, we have some tips and tricks for you on how to get the most overpowered small forward builds. Now, let's dive into the top 5 b...

    1/1/2022 4:46:20 PM

  • nba 2k22 finisher build Top 3 Best NBA 2K22 Finisher Build - 2 Way Finisher, Glass Cleaning Finisher & Facilitating Finisher in 2K22

    How can you build an unstoppable MyPLAYER in NBA 2K22? A number of possibilities you can create, how to set the potential and grab some powerful badges? Here are the top 3 best NBA 2K22 finisher builds, including 2 way finisher, glass cleaning finisher, facilitating finisher builds, and badges in 2K...

    12/21/2021 2:47:11 PM

  • qq图片20211203100055_副本 NBA 2K22 Next Gen Best Pro Am Build - Top 5 Most Overpowered Pro Am Builds In 2K22

    Pro Am is about having the positional advantage. Are you hunting for the best Pro Am builds in NBA 2K22 next gen? Such as Pro Am PG builds, Pro Am SG builds, Pro Am SF builds, Pro Am PF Builds or Pro Am C builds in NBA 2K22? If you do, we all got you covered! Today, we are bringing you the top 5 bes...

    12/3/2021 9:13:40 AM

  • 2k22 center build next gen NBA 2K22 Best Center Build Next Gen - Top 3 Most Overpowered 2K22 Center Builds

    It can be unsure to decide which position to choose in NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder, many players opt to use centers for dominating the post. What is the best center build in the game? Except for current gen, here we focus on NBA 2K22 next gen best center build, creating paint beast, 2-way playmaker, a...

    11/26/2021 12:11:52 PM

  • qq图片20211117122346_副本 NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen Best Big Man Build - Most Overpowered Big Man Builds In 2K22

    Spacing the floor is becoming more important to winning games, therefore having a dominant big man in NBA 2K22 is critical to effectively implementing this approach. How to make the best big man build on NBA 2K22? Today, we are going to show you the best big man build in NBA 2K22 current gen and nex...

    11/17/2021 11:38:06 AM

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