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Best Dribble Moves In NBA 2K21&2K20 - Size-Up and Speed Boost Glitch Tutorial

Date: 10/12/2020 4:26:27 PM

Recently, NBA 2K21 updated with Patch 4, there are been some changes:

  1. Halloween-themed Neighborhood

  2. Gameplay adjustments

  3. Improvements across every game mode

Click Here To See More Detail on Patch 4. 

And in this article, we gonna show you 3 dribble moves and explain which are the 3 best Size-Up Packages in the NBA 2K21&2K20!

Best Size-Up Packages and Dribble Moves In NBA 2K21

Dribble Moves #1

    Dribble Style: Power

    Moving Crossovers: PRO 8

    Moving Behind The Backs: PRO 6

    Moving Spins: BASIC 1

    Moving Hesitation: PRO 6

    Sig Size-Up: T. Hardaway

    Park Size-Up: Park 12

    Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 5

    Triple Threat Styles: Normal 1

Click Here To See The Speed Boost Glitch Tutorial 

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Dribble Moves #2

    Dribble Style: Power 

    Moving Crossovers: Pro 8

    Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 6

    Moving Spins: Basic 1 

    Moving Hesitation: Pro 4

    Sig Size-Up: D.Rose

    Park Size-Up: Park 12

    Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 2

    Triple Threat Styles: Normal 1

Best Size-Up Packages and Dribble Moves In NBA 2K20

Size-Up #1  Size-Up Packages: Pro 1 - 

    Pro 1 Sizeup is almost identical to Kobe, but a lot smoother than Kobe size up 

    In some cases, Pro 1 Sizeup is actually a lot faster than Kobe Sizeup 

    The only downfall is that Pro 1 doesn't promote the Kobe Rhythm Dribble 

Click Here To See More Detail On Size-Up #1

Size-Up #2 Size-Up Packages: Z.Lavine 

    Z.Lavine Sizeup's Rythem Dribble is much faster than Pro 2

    Z.Lavine Sizeup is so good at Misdirection/Crossswitching, but the downfall is that only really work if you do it in between the leg/diagonally, doesn't perform well in doing horizontally 

Click Here To See More Detail On Size-Up #2

Dribble Moves #3

    Dribble Style: Lebron James

Size-Up #3 Size-Up Packages: S.Curry - (the best size up in the game right now , have the ability to perform Misdirection/Crossswitchingfast in both diagonally and horizontally.)

    Moving Crossovers: PRO 2

    Moving Behind The Backs: PRO 6

    Moving Spins: BASIC 1

    Moving Hesitation: PRO 3

    Triple Threat Styles: Normal 6

Click Here To See More Detail On Dribble Moves& Size-Up #3

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