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NBA 2K23 Current & Next Gen Best HOF Badges - NBA 2K23 Hall of Fame Badge Tier List

Date: 1/1/2023 10:56:31 AM

Which Hall of Fame badges are actually worth your investment in terms of badge points and attribute points in NBA 2K23? Today, we have the top 5 NBA 2K23 current gen and next gen best value Hall of Fame badges for you on this list, so in no particular order.


NBA 2K23 Best Hall of Fame Badges - NBA 2K23 HOF Badge Tier List & Ranking

In NBA 2K23, badges are effectively equitable benefits that improve player performance on the court, and they are a very significant aspect while constructing your MyPlayer Build for MyCareer. Depending on the construct you make, you'll have access to a range of different Badges, which you can then earn and use to enhance your MyPlayer. Badges provide a substantial advantage over the opponent, with tiers ranging from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Hall of Fame badges. In this NBA 2K23 HOF badge tier list, we are ranking the top 5 best HOF badges MyTEAM.


1. Limitless Range (HOF)

This is one of the best NBA 2K23 MyTEAM HOF badges that help you extend your range where you can shoot your three-pointers effectively from deep. To give this a Hall of Fame, you're going to need 99 three-pointers, but it is absolutely worth it because you can use it off catch and shoot, fade, or even step back freeze. Limitless Range is a lot farther from the basket so this will make you a great spacer on the floor. The numbers at the Hall of Fame level are absolutely wild, the Hall of Fame version gives you the most spike even much higher than gold. Hall of Fame makes you 64% better in terms of make percentage and evens against gold it is higher than 15%. So with the Hall of Fame level, this badge is worth the value and worth the investment even though it is a tier 3 badge across the board.


2. Anchor (HOF)

This one helps your ability to block shots and protect the rim at a high level. This badge is also absolutely worth all the investment because it combines the old rim protector badge with the interior shot contest and it's going to help you lower the make percentage of your opponent crazy. The numbers of the average contest percentage and Hall of Fame compared to other levels aren't that significant but your opponents make a percentage. If you get this badge the Hall of Fame, you crush them. The difference between the Hall of Fame and gold is in the mid-percentage.


3. Slithery Badge (HOF)

This is going to help you protect the ball in the traffic as you finish layup inside and then also lowered your opponent's contest percentage against you. At the Hall of Fame level, if you can get it, this badge is a must-have for anyone that likes to do layups or even dunk now. It's easy to get and that's what makes this badge so valuable because if you're 6’9 or taller, you can get this badge tier one for the Hall of Fame which is crazy. The value of this badge is that it's low cost if you're at the right height. Number wise is also great at the Hall of Fame level, it's going to help you significantly lower your contest percentage as you take layups or dunks in traffic.


4. Glove (HOF)

This increases your ability to successfully steal the ball from ball handlers. This is a new badge in 2K23 but it essentially is just pickpocket from 2K22, it will increase its plug rates against your opponent. If you have a Hall of Fame glove, the plug percentage every time the Hall of Fame is incredibly high, the lower your opponent's ball control and unpluggable level the more likely you're going to get it. At the no badge level if you have Hall of Fame, you're going to rip them 50% of the time so that's insane for a Hall of Fame badge. Even against Hall of Fame unpluggable, your Hall of Fame glove still has a decent success rate.


5. Rebound Chaser (HOF)

This badge is absolutely worth it at the Hall of Fame level because this is going to help you get way more rebounds in the traffic or if it's like a loose ball rebound, you're just going to get everything faster.


How To Get Badges Fast In NBA 2K23?

We're going to show you how to max out your badges in under 5 hours without using VC. Because of the surge in sales this year, VC is quite essential in NBA 2K23. So, if you can't afford VC, this is a perfect method to max your badges and finish a project so that when you do obtain VC, you can still enhance it. You also gain VC quickly with this method, albeit not as quickly as Mycareer because you don't have to continuously perform quests to unlock games to play like Mycareer. This is the most effective method for maximizing your playmaking, shooting, defensive, and finishing badges in NBA 2K23 without glitches. This is the best badge approach since you can do it all by yourself. 


We're going to explain to you how to do it. Cole World is going to be your best friend and you only need to complete two objectives once you unlock the main storyline. The way you unlock the main storyline is to become a starter, finish the first five games they tell you to do in your quest, you'll become a starter. The reason why the Cole World's the best is that you don't have to play any MyCareer to get the court unlocked.

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