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nba index: the league enters an age of three-coin shooting

Date: 3/9/2016 2:23:04 PM

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curry's ability to shoot three coiners is beyond the basketball fans' expectations. however, recently many former nba superstars have some distain towards him, because he would only be a first class basketball player rather than a real super star if it was 50 years ago.

according to robert, curry would not be able to achieve today's achievements if it was in the past.

it is primarily through the number of three-coin shots, three-coin shooting percentage and three-coin shooters that we analyze. 

1. number of three coin attempts - the best

in nba's history, 6 of the top teams with the most three coin attempts appear in this season. in terms of individual performance, george mcleod is the player with the most three coin attempts in the history. he shot 678 three-coiners in the 1995-96 season, which is the 52.9% of 1281 attempts. he's followed by curry who had 678 three-coiners this season, with averaging 20.1 attempts per game. let's say he makes 11.1-of-20.1 three coin shots. if curry will appear in all the remaining 22 games, he will have 1588 shooting attempts and 874 three-coin attempts, with a percentage of 55.1%.

2. current three coin shooting percentage

the average three coin shooting percentage was 35.3% in 1999-00 season, but it is only 35.1% this season. the nba three-coin shooting percentage of these days is of the upper level in the history. 

3. number of three coin shooters in nba

scorer in the history of the top ten, there are five active players; in the history of the top 15, there are eight active players. in addition, this season has 34 players more than 100 three-coiners, hit at least 70 three-coiner player to reach 87 people. an increase in the number of three-coin shooter, but also to many three-coiners record was broken this season, curry three-coiner to break the single-season hits record and continuous record sessions have accounted for three-coiners, he also tied the single-game three-12 ball of history, and to create at least two consecutive games to hit 10 three-coiners record. what is different from the past is the fact here. whether it is game or real nba game, three-coin shooting has been a perfect release. for example, in the nba 2k16 mt, stephen curry, and thompson third is to represent the nba. it is almost beyond the full hot shooting position. whether it is fixed or mobile-third three-coiners, shooting and hand speed is the strongest version of the card. the most surprising is that their cards in nba 2k16 mt are not very expensive. if you play nba 2k16 mt, you'd be very willing to have them in your team at only a little cost. therefore, i believe that will be your best choice. you can use discount coupon code "nba16" for 5% off.

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