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nba 2k15: never give up and win with a perfect buzzer beater

Date: 6/30/2015 9:28:21 AM

what's the most exciting moment in nba football? i think its when a buzzer beater takes place, which helps turn a loss into a win. it is indeed one of most great moments in basketball. however it's not an easy shot to make. nba is where miracles happen, and players always fight to the last second. it’s the same with nba 2k15.


nba 2k15 is all about tactics and strategies. when playing this game, you will need to know the proper position and time, the right way to deal with the ball and the perfect moment to make the shot. players will fight together with crazy to score in the last minute. it's mcgrady who's had the most amazing buzzer beater in the nba history. will such a great buzzer beater ever take place in 2k15?

today, there is the most amazing reversal we've seen so far in nba 2k15, featuring four 3-coin shots. the highlights include great teamwork, excellent individual capacity and accurate 3-coin shooting. let’s check out how they’ve made it.


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