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nba 2k16 mygm tutorial: player hidden stats analysis

Date: 4/28/2016 3:48:38 PM

in nba 2k16 mygm, each player has his own stats. at the same time, there are also some hidden stats that affect the player's development. what do we known about the hidden stats? let's have a look at the analysis below.

nba 2k16 mygm 1.jpg

i remember that in nba 2k15 draft there was a 81 rated 19-year-old rookie with more than 30 badges. i got him at all costs and focused on his development. he's got a potential rating of a+. however, his peak rating is only 88, which is quite confusing.

when i check out the list of players in nba 2k16 mygm, i accidentally discovered the initial peak data peak age and over age. the hidden stats peak date is one of the factors that affect the players, in addition to the potential rating.

what is different is that the potential can be fund by scouts and increased by the coach. however, the peak data is determined by the nature and style of play. the high potential rookie is a gamble.

nba 2k16 mygm is less fun than 2k15 mygm. you can hardly find any dark horse players in the first and second round of draft. nba 2k16 managers are doing a so great job that all good rookies are signed.

in nba 2k16 draft, the best rookie is an 87 rated player discovered by the scout. he has only a few badges. back then, he chooses the lakers, is preparing to rebuild for next season, did not sign drawn twice champion. lottery and cannot change when m is not a bargaining chip was selected from other candidates for the manager to go.

there is something new about nba 2k16 mygm, which is the team relocation where you design the uniforms and salary cap. when it comes to nba 2k17, if 2k wants to enrich the game content, they should not remove the advantages of 2k15. nba 2k16 advantages and more improvements will make 2k17 a perfect game. of course, in nba 2k series, the most important modes are myteam and mycareer. if the developer wants to attract more players, they should listen to different opinions which will make a difference.

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