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warriors beat cavaliers, with a total score of 1-0

Date: 6/3/2016 4:28:26 PM

warriors have an easy 104-89 home victory over the cavaliers, with a total score of 1-0. in this game, james had 23 coins and 12 rebounds and 9 assists, rebounds number (1691) beyond - larry bird (1683), rose to a record 10th. he thus became the only one in the playoffs, scoring, assists and three rebounds before data are entered history 10 players. just a milestone moment, but it will not lead to the victory of the knight. the home team scored in double figures seven, curry and thompson got a total of only 20 coins. substitutes from both teams had 45-10. warriors had the absolute dominance.

star of the game: shaun livingston's crazy battle

in the game, curry's replacement livingston behaved abnormally crazy. warriors coin guard off the bench the whole game 8 of 10 shots, free throws 4 free throws to get 20 coins and 4 rebounds, 3 assists, scoring the first ranked team. for this reason, the media cannot help mocking: "you see, when morey livingston because only the distance, but he will give up."

nba 2k16 mt shaun livingston.jpg

the trend: warriors' winning wave in the end

stephen curry and thompson all sitting on the sidelines, the coin's difference was between the two sides but surprisingly widening. after livingston and barbosa hit consecutively, tyronn lue had the request for the suspension. james raid layup, barnes, livingston and even andre iguodala and constantly were on coins. until the end of the game 5 minutes 44 seconds, curry assists iguodala then storm succeeded, 96-76! warriors have a full 20 coins ahead. jefferson completed 2 +1 attack, jr-thirds vote. warriors put on after the main but poor performance, james continue to vote in the third, 2 minutes even after the visiting team will be 9 coins. livingston made two free throws after owen fired back, the entire field at the moment of silence finally broke thompson and curry, their vote in the third game after only two minutes and 25 seconds, still 17 coins behind the knights choose to give up resistance .

nba 2k16 mt leandro barbosa.jpg

game sidelights: dellavedova almost caused conflict

before the end of the third line, the play was hot scene, andre iguodala dribble process was suddenly attacked by dellavedova, and suddenly felt pain. then the two had confrontations, almost leading to fight. fortunately, his teammates arrived, the two men persuaded to open. referee after repeated back at the video, identified dellavedova not intentionally. the penalty is only an ordinary foul.

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