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nba 2k16 new shooting tips

Date: 6/14/2016 2:57:41 PM

nba 2k17 will be released three months later. while players are familiar with most of the gaming content, some players want to know more about the shooting. today, would like to share with you some new shooting tips, which hopefully will be helpful.


1. towards characters' left rear, rear, right rear direction (you can press the accelerator key) and key shooting let go, it will make a step back, then ran forward side accelerator keys, perform layup.

(tip: nba 2k16 step back does not directly hold the ball with both hands, it is possible to continue to dribble.)

2. back singles hold lt and rt, ls to advance towards the inside.

(tip: nba 2k16 turn around 1v1 sometimes not push defensive player, there may be reasons for body; do not use the rt key to advance after shooting may hook shot; use rt will be forced to step forward, then shooting).

3. with 1v1, when the opponent the ball, the defense, hold lt can lock defense; rt + lt | posterior oblique direction in order to be a good defensive player.

4. the first back singles, ls top go to the area after the release ls, rs started shaking movement, in the sense to start turn, and shoot, release the button rs volunteer action fake cast easy layup.

5. suppose you are left-handed dribble, you stand still, holding down the accelerator key + right stick to push the right-hand direction about (release immediately). this generation of signature moves work this way.

6. when you break the bottom line, the bottom line coining to the right stick (vertical baseline) is the backhand layup.

7. during the running process, ls is held forward, with rs pushed to the left rear of the body at once again push the right side can successfully accelerate had lost defender layup.

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