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nba 26 players over $ 20 million annual salary

Date: 7/18/2016 3:06:59 PM

according learned that the new season of nba, until now, a total of up to 26 players over $ 20 million annual salary. there are 14 players in eastern, the other 12 players from the west. from this level is concerned, mr. east and west 20 million, reaching a relative balance. so these players, the value who, who is worth?

the new season consists of five highest-paid players to share, respectively, harden, durant, conley, derozan and horford, the annual salary of $ 26.54 million. five players have signed second big contract, but the effect did not reach 10 years of age, it is possible to sign a salary cap of 30 per cent of the contract. it is also worth mentioning that the five players of the contract, have reached a nine-digit, that is billions of dollars of contracts.

ranking followed were anthony, lillard, bosh, wade, howard, paul parsons, davis, barnes, whiteside, bill drummond, ross, small jordan, a small gasol, carrefour, big lopez, batum, aldridge, griffin, millsap and dirk nowitzki. wherein nowitzki's 20 million annual salary, called this level the players in the "gatekeeper."

in so many 20 million mr. reed, who is who is not worth the value, worth discussing. durant and harden, the upper limit of five, the lower limit of the top ten players in the league, this value must be the price. this is why morey tore at the original contract for harden re-offered a four-year maximum salary of reason. griffin's worth a little less durant and harden little bit, but equally worthy 20 million contract. and lillard, davis, and bill drummond, also the value of the contract, after all, they were young, there are enough potential to be tapped. some buynba2kmt fans said, why not buy this player? and please click here to buy nba 2k mt.

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