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nba 2k17 news: mygm / myleague league expansion

Date: 7/20/2016 3:51:28 PM

according facebook through information received, erick boenisch said it will add some new features mygm / myleague league expansion.


erick boenisch said: you know that i am serious about mygm and myleague i'm blessed to work with a core group of people who share the exact same level of passion we've done a lot of work to these modes this year,.. and one feature i can not stop talking about is ... league expansion. this is entirely new to nba 2k17, and is the feature i want to tell you about today.

. league expansion is, as it sounds, a way to grow your league beyond the 30-team nba when creating a new mygm or myleague, you have a few options on how you can handle the setup of your new league:

- start with the current 30-team nba, as it is structured now.

- start a league with expansion where you can instantly expand the league from 30 up to 36 teams (all with designs of your choosing).

- or, you can start with a completely customized league (that can still include up to 36 teams) that may include realigned divisions, expansion teams, classic teams, edited / rebranded nba teams, euroleague teams, and more.


for my franchise heads out there, you already know that a proper league expansion is more than just new logo / uniform / stadium art. the entire experience surrounding the game has to support it. we've covered every detail required for a proper league expansion , including player protections, expansion drafts, and much, much more. a considerable amount of time was spent this year building an nba schedule creation tool that dynamically generates balanced schedules with respect to your 31/32/33/34/35/36 team leagues. we then created dynamic menus for every menu in the game including the draft lottery and the draft, with respect to how many teams are in the league. for example, when you have a 32-team league, that means you now have 16 teams in the lottery (up from the current 14), and all the mathematical odds of getting the # 1 pick that go along with that new draft lottery format need to be updated. simply put, we left no stone unturned, and we did it all for your enjoyment. immerse yourselves.


mygm / myleague has seen a lot of great additions this year; he'll get into the rest of those details a little closer to launch them always looking for ways to innovate in the franchise space, and following on the heels of team relocation in. nba 2k16, league expansion feels like the natural evolution moving forward with nba 2k17. let me know below how you plan on using the league expansion feature. will give players the biggest nba 2k17 myteam coins benefit. you can use coupon code "nba16" for 5% off. the coupon code will always be valid, which hopefully will make you happy.

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