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nba 2k17 australia olympic-related new game

Date: 7/23/2016 11:41:43 AM

it understood, nba 2k17 basketball game and australia announced, in nba 2k17, the latest release in the award-winning basketball game franchise by visual concepts, will feature the australian boomers as a playable team for the first time on xb1 and PS 4.


there's already been two not-so-subtle clues. indiana pacers star paul george appears on the cover of the soon-to-be-released game (september 20 or september 16 for those who pre-order) in his team usa uniform.

i'd say that's reason to believe the olympics will be part of the new nba 2k game. basketball is booming in australia, but it's unlikely nba 2k would include the national team as a one-off squad.

here's a look at the entire squad that will appear in nba 2k17:

david andersen

cameron bairstow

aron baynes

andrew bogut

ryan broekhoff

matthew dellavedova

dante exum

chris goulding

joe ingles

kevin lisch

damian martin

patrick mills

brock motum

four years ago amidst the hype for the london 2012 olympic games, 2k sports had the original dream team included in nba 2k13.

if and when this mode/feature is confirmed, it will join the already announced fleshed-out versions of mygm and myleague as part of what could be another jam-packed feature set for nba 2k17.

you can not really blame 2k for not including the australian national team earlier, but now that the first draft pick this year was an australian i suppose we finally have enough players in the nba to justify doing it.

regrettable that nba 2k17 rookie champion (simmons) not selected for the squad, because he has not added to nba 2k17, could represent australia at this year's olympics, but turned it down to focus on the summer league and his nba career.

funnily enough, the current 76ers coach is brett brown, who previously coached the australian boomers we'll see simmons in national colours in years to come -. just not in nba 2k17 but fan mods can fix that, right.?

while simmons was unable to join the australian national team, but as a draft pick, he will get a very high score in nba 2k17, which is 2k players expected results. if you want to use him in 2k17 nba, better to book now nba 2k17, in there will be very cheap nba 2k17 mt for your choice, use the coupon "nba16" will get 5% discount activity.

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