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nba 2k17 configuration (pc) requires prediction

Date: 8/3/2016 5:35:41 PM

nba 2k17 will be released in september 29th. the new cover is for nba 2k17 configuration (pc) requires prediction.this prediction is just for your reference, we are looking forward to 2k announce about this configuration requirements. and the first time for publication.

nba 2k17 configuration pc

as you probably want to know if your pc is up to nba 2k17, please see the system requirements of the game below.


os : windows 7 64 bit, windows 8.1 64 bit ou windows 10 64 bit

processeur : intel core 2 duo ou supérieur (sse3 ou ultérieur)

mémoire : 4 go de ram

carte graphique : compatible directx 10.1 (512 mo) ou supérieure

directx : version 10

disque dur : 50 go d’espace libre

carte son : compatible directx 9.0x

notes: dual analog controller. initial installation requires an internet connection for steam authentication. software supplied with the game will be installed (directx, microsoft visual c ++ redistributable 2010).

remarks :

os: windows 7 64-bit, windows 8.1 64-bit or windows 10 64-bit 

processor: intel core i5 or better 

memory: 4 gb ram 

graphics: directx 11 compatible (2 gb) or better 

directx: version 11 

hard drive: 50 gb available space 

sound card: directx 9.0c compatible sound card 

additional notes: dual-analog gamepad

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