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nba 2k17 draymond green and kevin durant

Date: 8/22/2016 2:14:59 PM

kevin durant's joined golden state warriors, which allow the team's overall strength to a higher level. in addition to the warriors in the attack, stephen curry and thompson scoring performance, draymond green in the various manifestations of the field so that he has being the trough. this time, nba 2k brings all playesr warriors mvp draymond green's 2k17 screenshots. kevin durant's screenshots in the game have also been revealed. now with,let's take a look at their screenshots in the game. there are also predictions of their ratings in nba 2k17 myteam mode.

draymond green

in the picture, draymond green's muscles have been perfectly presented. 2k17's graphic is more real, with greatly improved facial expressions. draymond gree has a fantastic career. he grew from a unpopular rookie to a key player who decides the fate of warriors. 

nba 2k17 draymond green

bradley richmond green biggest contribution is his rebounding. he has a strong body with amazing wingspan. he can get the maximum contribution in rebounding, assists and defense. in 2016 nba playoffs last season when warriors faced with thunder and cleveland cavaliers, green's appearance decided the final outcome of the game. in the final seven games, green had 32 coins, with 22 coins in the first half, becoming the first player who makes 22 coins in first nba finals in seven games.

according to his role and performance in the team, we found that his rating in nba 2k16 myteam mode is only 82, which is seriously underestimated. he's a phenomenal player. our prediction of his rating in nba 2k17 myteam is 85. hopefully 2k will attach importance to this player.

kevin durant

kevin durant is believed to be very familiar to most players. 2k also posted a picture of his game, so he joined the warriors has been criticized, but did not affect his team's ability and effect, the golden state warriors team will likely become the new season's first four players score 85 or more teams. with super high scoring ability, we predict that his rating will be 92. 

nba 2k17 kevin durant

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