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nba 2k17 mygm and myleague new features

Date: 9/15/2016 8:03:54 AM

several overall gameplay adjustments are being made in order to improve this year’s edition of digital b-ball action. game informer listed a few of the biggest improvements each mode will feature.


— mygm

1. mygm brings league expansion into the fold this year, with capacity for 36 teams.

2. this year introduces some new trade wrinkles, including the ability to trade players at any time during the offseason, pick protections, and pick swaps. the pick protection essentially lets you protect your rights for a traded pick if it ends up in the lottery, a tactic many nba teams use.

3. 2k says it has improved the trade rumors in social media, including subterfuge. don’t believe everything you read.

4. new team control options let you add or remove users and swap which teams you control at any coin during mygm.

5. the new scouting logic is better at identifying where you are projected to draft and which positions are team needs. it then uses that information to target and scout players that are ideal fits at that coin in the draft.

6. a frequent fan request – jersey retirements – are now in mygm mode.

– myleague

1. myleague online is being expanded in its second year. now you and friends can play through 80 seasons.

2. rather than emulate the nba draft and free agency (which is hard to do when you are trying to schedule an event with multiple people), myleague introduces the concept of “keepers.”

3. each player has a designated number of keeper years for which he’s eligible to stay on your roster.

4. the admin can customize how many players each team can keep at the end of a season.

5. injuries are added this year.

6. myleagues can begin with anywhere from 30 to 36 teams, and admins can add new teams during any offseason.

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