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nba 2k17 best free throw in mycareer mode: thompson and jordan

Date: 10/31/2016 4:35:12 PM

in the nba 2k17, the free throw has been adjusted. unlike previously, now we cannot upgrade free throw through 2k17 vc. how can we increase the free throw percentage? check out with the tips and tricks.

choose a good player free throw style

when we choose the free throw player shooting style, we take into consideration two factors: shooting speed and shooting style. in the game, i prefer klein thompson. he's quick with the free throw every time and has a reasonable shooting time. it only takes 1000 vc.

nba 2k17 best free throw

examples of players with bad free throw ratings in the game are andre drumond, deandre jordan, dwight howard, rudy gobert, ian mahinmi, nerlens noel, kenneth faried, tristan thompson, and bismack biyombo.

upgrade free throw

it is a new game content in 2k17. during team training, after we finish the team task, we can start practicing free throw. it allows a total of 10 free throws. the higher the shooting percentage is, you can upgrade the free throw more +1. 

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