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nba live mobile 99 ovr player: big man - kevin durant

Date: 1/16/2017 5:52:42 PM

the first 99 ovr player in nba live 17 mobile has been announced. ea selects big man kevin durant. many gamers don't find this choice reasonable. why kevin durant?


since joining the warriors from the thunder, durant has gradually become the main scoring player. while the warriors have stephen curry and klein thompson, the team's attack is more diverse.

99 ovr big man - kevin durant

speed 88, dribbling 89, 3 coiner 92, shooting 94, defense 83, passing88

nba live mobile 99 ovr kevin durant

31 hidden stats with 90+ rating. this kd is gonna be a beast in both offence and defence. this card can make our lineup more powerful. despite 6'9" height, he has 88 speed rating and 97 agility, which is beyond the ability of most pg. 85 attacking speed is even more amazing. his 83 rating in defense makes this card more valuable by a level. it's fair to say that this card is nba live mobile versatile big man sf top 1.

of course, in addition to the card's stats and rating, gamers find it a better choice to put him in the top level lineup. would like to share a nba live mobile best big man team built by some gamer in the forum.

pg - 95 ovr russell westbrook with clutch

sg - 94 ovr tracy mcgrady with clutch

sf - 99 ovr kevin durant with clutch

pf - 94 ovr shawn kemp

c - 92 ovr shaquille o'neal with in the paint

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