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NBA Live Mobile Legends: How to get Steve Nash and Nate Thurmond

1/22/2017 10:50:47 AM

EA released two new legends in NBA LIVE Mobile:Nate Thurmond and Steve Nash


Nate Thurmond (Big Man Lineup)

This is the only player in history that recorded a quadruple double in one game.

70-Speed, 70-3 Coiner, 91-Defense, 68-Dribbling, 83-Shooting, 64-Passing

NBA Live Mobile Nate Thurmond

How to get Steve Nash (Shooting Lineup) ?

Nate Thurmond can be pulled through packs while Steve Nash can be earned by completing his Legends set. To complete the Steve Nash set you will need the following:

NBA Live Mobile Steve Nash

1 Legend Trophy

3 2002 Featured Year Collectibles

2 Dallas Mavericks Team Collectibles

1 Number 13 Jersey Collectible

15 Elite Trophies 

Will you be adding any of these legends to your lineup? 

C - Legend Nate Thurmond

PF - Signiture Draymond Green

SF - NBA Ruler Kevin Durant

SG - TOTW Klay Thompson

PG - Base Stephen Curry

Best Big Man Lineup?

94 Steve Nash

89 Joe Johnson

88 Dirk Nowitzki

89 Amar'e Stoudemire

94 Plus T-Mac

Best Shooting Lineup?

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