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nba live mobile throwbacks dwight howard '14 review

Date: 2/10/2017 11:37:36 AM

ea released 93 ovr throwback dwight howard '14 and you can buy and use dwight howard card in the game. and do the task hrowbacks dwight howard: make a comeback with dwight howard in your two-way lineup for a chance at a throwback plaer.

93 ovr throwback dwight howard

93 ovr throwback dwight howard '14

you will be adding him to your two-way lineup? look throwbacks dwight howard '14 review

93 ovr throwback dwight howard '14

speed 68, 3 coiner 23, defense 91, dribbling 39, shooting 84, passing 40, special ability two way. 89 drawing defensive foul is too low. 

stats that are about right:

91 dunk vs layup frequency 

99 goofing tendency

98 awkwardness with head coach

nba live mobile throwbacks dwight howard

magic howard was a beast so he probably going to be a 97-99 overall. this card is ok for now, he had pretty good numbers that year for houston as well. 18.3 ppg 12.1 rpg. those are magic-like numbers. but we'll probably get another throwback  dwight howard (orlando magic) thats like a 97-99 overall.

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