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nba2k16 thirds will feed tips to share: the same goals as stephen curry

Date: 12/10/2015 3:43:23 PM

nba 2k16 as a masterpiece of the annual sports competition, it has been a lot of players in the necessary hard addition to everyone's favorite dunk do it is to cast coiners, the following to share more than a third of the advance skills.

old players are aware, since 2k11 start, there is a bug, and that is the case within the three-coin line is anti-lived, received a pass directly sideways shots, was named the system "barrier-free space".


1. the defensive player must be personal defense, but if there is a certain distance away from the defender is not doing vacancy;it is protected to the face when the defensive player of the ai can not put the other horns confrontational posture shooting, and because their hands can not jump too close cap.this bug from playing nba 2k11 to 2k16. ai's pau gasol and carlos boozer with the most, obviously anti-very good, is the opponent can enter.

2. now find a single person to complete the direct method is to first back across singles in less than three partitions, then release the button to turn around, if the ball when the man turned around and no one automatically occur crossovers, once again press by playing into the fight against the state.

3. if the first crossovers happen, direct pull-jumper, also counted accessible space, even if your middle-distance shot just over 50, as long as the timing is perfect, or will enter!

thus, only one offensive player, best defensive team will be able to directly penetrated, if you want my team mode is also doing so, you can buy nba 2k16 mt!

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