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welcome to buy cheap nba 2k19 mt at

Date: 7/4/2018 5:46:24 PM

we are an online nba 2k19 mt store with a long history from 2014 to 2019. and we have been working in this aspect for 5years. so we are worth trusting and our qualities are absolutely authentic.

what we sell

the main goods we sell are nba 2k 19 mt, nba 2k 19 xb1 mt and nba 2k 19 ps4 mt.

where can you buy our products?

you will find our store by signing in google and searching for it.

why choose us to buy cheap nba 2k19 mt

best choices

with new game system birthing, our store promotes lots of goods better than past. so you could find these kinds of stuff that you are interested in.

cheaper prices

our store takes the goods' qualities and customers' demands into full consideration, and give a reasonable price. and also, we would provide some coupons from time to time. so there is no need to worry that you can't afford the goods you like.

higher security

we provide professional online service. and we would efficiently and confidently deal with all kinds of issues and guarantee nba 2k mt transaction 100% safe and 100% refund policy. and if you have any questions, worries or feedbacks, you could contact us straight and we would give you a satisfying reply in the shortest time.

various payments

in order to meet demands of customers from different countries and districts, we offer more than 20 payments. so you could choose your payments as your willing. the friends from the usa could choose paypal as payments, which is an american company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like cheques and money orders. while the friends from the uk could choose skrill as payments, which is owned and operated by skrill limited, a uk-based company registered as a money service business with her majesty's revenue and customs, regulated by the financial conduct authority and licensed to operate within the european union.

reputation guarantee

we have absolutely authorial reputation guarantee. we offer 7/24 service and if there are any mistakes or other reasons, you could get a full refund.

how to buy nba 2k mt

1. please sign in the site, like then, the page with the introduction of different kinds of stuff would appear just like below. there are some stuff and introductions present in the web page.


2. after registering, you could choose stuff you like. if you would like to buy a player, you could click the yellow zone signed "buy now", just like the picture below shown.


3. then you will see this below. different players are listed in the table. you need to make some choices and choose to buy now or later.  


4. next, you would enter this page. here, you would see your goods in the top of the page and you need complete your fundamental information, including inputting your email and phone number, then check it.


5. continue! you need to look through the information of the players you choose, including the players' name, prices past and now, as well as the auction time.


6. finally, finishing those above, please slide the page to the bottom. you should choose your payment way from the methods listed below and click it, then finish the payment.


7. so you finished this trade. and other kinds of trades is similar to this. the differences between them are goods you buy and the fundamental information of the goods.

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  • TEL (UK) : +44-020-32905838
  • MSN: [email protected]
  • QQ: 1498133786

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