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what's the difference between nba 2k19 and 2k18 - nba 2k19 game changes

Date: 9/19/2018 11:24:43 AM

nba 2k is a basketball simulation game, nba 2k19, which as the successor to nba 2k18, was released on september 7, 2018, for microsoft window, nintendo switch, PS 4, xbox one, ios, and andriod. what are the differences between nba2k19 and 2k18? what changes do 2k19 make on the basis of 2k18? let's see the details together. 


new career and myleague mode

nba 2k19 my career mode will bring a new storyline. this will include a story about the players' journey from china's local league to nba. hollywood stars in this mode make the story more interesting, allowing your character to grow from a community legend to a world-renowned star in ups and downs. myleague online of 2k19 has a comprehensive contract mechanism. you'll have real-time employee signings, real-time nba draft picks, real-time coalition meetings (voting to change the rules), real-time everything.

new player creation mechanism

in nba 2k19, you can completely customize the shape and size of the skull, eyebrows, ears, mouth, and cheeks, select the color of eyebrows from the selection library, select their colors and control the shape of the eyelids, completely customize the position, width and protrusion of the five senses, fully customize the width and prominence of the chin, customize skin color from the selection library, while maintaining control over blemishes, discoloration, freckles and pockmarks, and finally, fully customize the style and color of the hair.

new nba draft mode

in nba 2k19, a new player mentoring feature has been added, allowing you to assign a mentor to any player on your team to try and customize the player's development (through his badge). in the first four to five years of the league, players have reached their peak in learning and will experience the fastest growth in the game. nba 2k19 includes a new interface that allows you to view draft picks for the next five years, which are included in a menu. it has all the information you need, including which team to choose from, and any details about choosing protection. player dna is a new feature that lets you use it in a customized draft or list by editing a player's download, create, or share templates. nba 2k19 adds a year's draft pick, 2k18 only allows you to pick the next four years, but 2k19 allows five years.

new style team lineup and competition system

2k19 allows you to quickly set up different types of lineups, mt mode canceled the super-championship, kappa & playoffs, online from unlimited and three-to-three against flag game system changed to 12 games / 10 games per round, three-loss out system, the highest quality player card upgraded from pink diamond to galaxy opal card, increased reward token concept, exchange cards and bags for token stores, collectors ranks returned, new concept players cards - heat tracking cards online, single-player challenger mode championship minor changes, schedule minor changes, weekly challenges no longer disappear, unfinished will accumulate in the game, three-to-three challenge mode will resist the flag, increased daily trial, new awards incentive access to open the gap between the emperor of europe and the non-emirates, the new single-player game mode, triple threat mode is in myteam.

the above content is a brief summary of the 2k19 changes, more details need to experience in the game or you can also follow us:, more nba 2k19 news will be released, make you know about the latest news or information about nba 2k19 with a convenient and quick way, save your time and energy. 

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