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mynba 2k16 update rolling out now: mynba2k’s cycling events

Date: 12/18/2015 3:29:52 PM

hello fans!

2k've got some exciting news to share this afternoon: the next update to mynba2k16 will begin rolling out later today, on 12/14, across itunes, google play, and the amazon app store.

this update introduces new team play elements to mynba2k’s cycling events, rivals clash and road to the championship. when you’re on a team and participating in either, you’ll earn team coins that count towards teams-exclusive rewards in the form of super perks and perks. the higher you and your team climb, the stronger the reward.

2k’re also debuting the record setters in this update. these are a set of cards that celebrate tremendous single-game nba record holders like wilt chamberlain, kobe bryant, dikembe mutombo, kareem abdul-jabar and many, many more. these are the most powerful cards in the game to date, and will be available as prizes in legendary seasons and card packs.

in addition to these great features, this update also incorporates a new, much more sophisticated rc leaderboard that gives you all the information you want as you compete in the event. we’ve also included an always-on rttc deck editor and numerous bug fixes based on your feedback.

see you in the game.

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