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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Sharpshooter Build Guide - How To Make A 2-Way Scoring Machine on NBA 2K21 Next Gen

Date: 11/14/2020 5:08:46 PM

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Sharpshooter Build is considered as one of the best shoot guards builds in the game, but it doesn’t mean wins are promised as long as you use a Sharpshooter Build, then how to make the best overpowered Sharpshooter Build on NBA 2K21 Next Gen? to be the best, you have to have the most dominate archetypes, height, weight, wingspans, etc. Here at, we will show you some guidance on how to make the top Sharpshooter build.

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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Sharpshooter Build - The Most Overpowered Sharpshooter In NBA 2K21 Next Gen

As its name suggests, only one dimension to sharpshooters is shooting. Someone on your team can shoot from half court, keep opening the field for everyone, then you'll have a winning team. so much defensive focus is on the sharpshooter, which allows all other players to dominate. It can shoot the air out of the ball if you know when to pull up and understand the timing of your jumper. relying on transition offense and screens, shooters are a lethal target on the court. they're a bit quicker than you anticipated and the shorter they are the faster they become. it will create stress if your guarding one and create a sense of relief if you are one. 

Sharpshooter Build# 2-Way Scoring Machine

Overall Rating: 99

1.Body Settings

    Height: 6'7"

    Weight: 230lbs

    Wingspan: 6'11"

    Body Shape: Defined




        Close shot: 25-70

        Driving layup: 25-70

        Driving dunk: 25-90

        Standing dunk: 25-25

        Post control: 25-25


        Mid-range shot: 25-95

        Three-point shot: 25-90

        Free throw: 25-92


        Pass accuracy: 25-25

        Ball handle: 25-82

        Speed with ball: 25-82


        Interior defense: 25-87

        Perimeter defense: 25-95

        Steal: 25-94

        Block: 25-84

        Offensive rebound: 25-25

        Defensive rebound: 25-25


        Speed: 25-83

        Acceleration: 25-79

        Strength: 25-90

        Vertical: 25-85

        Stamina: 25-95 

3.Choose your takeover

    Primary: Extreme clamps

    Secondary: Spot-up precision









        Corner specialist*Sliver*


        Deep threes*HOF*

        Green machine*HOF*

        Hot zone hunter*HOF*

        Slippery off-ball*Sliver*


        Quick first step*Sliver*



        Ankle braces*Gold*



        Pick dodger*HOF*

        Pick Pocket*HOF*

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