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flying up with jeremy lin's hair

Date: 12/23/2015 3:10:41 PM

in the game against toronto, lin stepped into the starting lineup in place of an ailing batum and delivered a season-high 35 coins, shocked kyle lowry and demar derozan. jeremy lin is high-spirited this season in hornets, is this up with his amazing hairstyle? let us review jeremy lin’s hairstyles since started his professional career in nba.


charlotte hornets (2015–present):

in this season, lin is projected to backup hornets coin guard kemba walker. 

los angeles lakers (2014–2015):

this was lin’s hairstyle when he’s in the lakers, jeremy lin played only 74 games, including 30 starts, averaging 11.2 coins, shooting only 42.4 percent, the personal data was dropped to the lowest since his rookie season.

houston rockets (2012–2014):

it was his hairstyle in rockets, relatively simple and refreshing. lin played two seasons for the rockets, moved to start lineup in the first season, but was replaced in the rockets' starting lineup by patrick beverley in 2013-14, after dwight howard’s joining. 

new york knicks (2011–2012):

outstanding “linsanity” days

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