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NBA 2K21 MyTEAM All Star Spotlight Sim Challenges - How To Complete 2K21 MyTEAM Spotlight Challenges Fast & Easy

Date: 3/4/2021 4:49:58 PM

Recently, new spotlight sim challenges have released on 2k along with a lot of free and overpowered players. If you don’t have enough time grinding for spotlight sims or tired of spending days and nights playing challenges. Then here comes the question, how to complete spotlight challenge in NBA 2K21 Season 5 MyTEAM super fast & easy? Here we explained everything you need to about NBA 2k21 MyTEAM Season 5 spotlight light challenges and rewards, and glitch in order to get all free 2K21 all star spotlight sim cards & rewards faster and easier. What’s more, you can use it with any offline game mode.


Season 5 NBA 2K21 MyTEAM  All Star Spotlight Sim Challenge 

The highlighted theme of NBA 2K21 new All Star Spotlight Sim Challenges features decades of honored NBA All star. To complete 100 different NBA 2K21 All Star Spotlight Sim Challenges, you will defeat the best All Star teams from 1965-1969. Which divided into 60s Spotlight Sim from 1965-1969, 70s Spotlight Sim from 1970-1974, 70s Spotlight Sim from 1975-1979, 80s 1980-1954 and more sets until 2021s that available now in the MyTeam Single Player Challenges.


Each All-Star set has five to eight different challenges with MT and MyTeam Tokens available. When it comes to how to complete the spotlight sim challenge, you will need different players from the different teams as challenge rules requested. In the 60s 1965 all star game, you must use at least 3 kings players. In the 1966 all star game, you must use at least 4 caves players. In the 1967 all star game, you must use at least 5 warriors players. In the 1968 all star game, you must use at least 6 knicks players.  In the 1969 all star game, you must use at least 10 wizard players.


Season 5 NBA 2K21 MyTEAM All Star Spotlight Sim Reward

After beat 100 NBA 2K21 spotlight challenges from 1965-1996, you are able to unlock 19 total pink diamond and galaxy opal player rewards. Complete 1965-1996 Spotlight Challenges, you will earn 2k21 MyTEAM All Star Spotlight Sim Reward galaxy opal Wes Unseld, and 1997-2020 challenges you will earn 2k21 MyTEAM All Star Spotlight Sim Reward galaxy opal Brandon Roy. Use both in your lineups to defeat the 2021 & All-Time All-Star teams you will earn Reward galaxy opal John Wall. 

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NBA 2K21 MyTEAM All Star Spotlight Sim Glitch For Xbox Next Gen  

This all star spotlight sim glitch NBA 2K21 for Xbox next gen and suits for people who don’t like playing games. The first thing that you go to settings - action replays - often, do not make it never and do not make it occasionally make it often. Then you can start your game, make a highlight play, even three-pointer works too. Once you trigger a replay, press the home button on your Xbox, you will notice that nobody is moving, nothing is happening except the clock on the court is going down. As a matter of fact that you still have to wait the time to countdown, but you are free to do anything else it's way better than playing the game. 

Though there are some challenges that require 10 rebounds, 10 assists and so on, keep in mind, try to finish the requested challenges first, and then you can just keep doing the glitch. Once the clock stops counting down, go back to the gameplay. Then we go with the second quarter, you just do the same thing, play nice replay - pause the game - until the clock stops. (The truth is that first quarter, second quarter, third quarter goes all the way down to one minute, the fourth quarter it goes down to two minutes.) As the game about to finish, you can score more because it still counts as W and give you the reward, token and MT.

If you the one who doesn't like fouling, getting free throws and then having to sweat against the CPU. Read this 2K21 All Star Spotlight Sim guide to make your life easier and make it a lot simpler. For you to complete 2k21 spotlight challenge fast, meanwhile to get all 2k21 spotlight sims cards easily! If you need NBA 2K21 MT, go to 


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