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NBA 2K21 Triple Threat Online Challenge - How To Win TTO Online Fast And Easy In 2K21

Date: 4/22/2021 3:21:51 PM

If you want to either grind Triple Threat Online or Triple Threat Offline, which is more worth your time and which one you can get the rewards out? Here at, detailed how to complete the new NBA 2K21 Season 6 MyTEAM Triple Threat Online Challenges fast, and best TTO Online tips help you claim new juiced boards, free galaxy opal and pink diamond cards easily!


NBA 2K21 TTO Online Challenge Guide - How To Win Triple Threat Online In 2K21 MyTEAM

Triple threat(triple threat online & triple threat offline) is a 3v3 game mode with new fantastic rewards each season, meanwhile, it’s a fast way to get NBA 2K21 MT and consumables to sell. There are chances to get diamond shoes, diamond contacts, diamond coaches, tokens, heat check/themed/historic/league/TTO packs. As a matter of fact that, the NBA 2K21 TTO online challenge has 3 tiers, the higher the tier boards you are in, the better the prizes you will get. Moreover, it’s only 24 hours available, make sure you take advantage of it. In the recent NBA 2K21 triple treat online update added Ron Harper, Kyrie Irving, Julius Randle, and Paul George. Besides 1,000 MT, Quantum Packs x 5, Consumables x 3, Danny Ferry, Trae Young And Karl-Anthony Towns are the new vault prizes on triple threat offline NBA 2K21. Following are the effective Triple Threat Online tips


Best NBA 2K21 Triple Threat Online Challenge Tips

There’s no question that no one wins 100% of the games, but with the basic and easy tto tips to get juiced boards faster. The reason why is it so hard to play TTO online, it’s because you get reset if you lose three games, and you can only lose up to two games if you want to head into the top board. The only thing that matters in this TTO online challenge is winning games. Next, we are going to list the best NBA 2K21 Triple Treat Online tips for defensive and offensive.


  • The first 2k21 triple treat online tip when it comes to build a good tto online team, start using the cards that you most comfortable with, you’d better familiar with his moves and releases.

  • Do not force shots and three balls on offense, try to get a bucket every single time on the floor. If you can’t make the shot just go in mid ranges, layups and anything that works, get easy 2 points to close the game.

  • Another thing offensive tip does not turn the ball over that is the key to winning triple threat online on NBA 2K21. Instead, what you want to do is keep the ball for as long as you can, do not make bad passes, don’t dribble into your opponent, and don’t overdo it with dribbling.

  • To be honest, defense feels impossible sometimes in next gen. If you want to play good defense, and get stops. You have to on and off-ball, which means if you are running on a fast break, you definitely want to off-ball, once he steps to the three-point line, switch to on ball, bring players in to help. Furthermore, whenever they do any type of curry slide, snatch back and moves, do on the ball immediately.


There’s 2K21 TTO challenge once a week to keep the game mode active and benefit for MyTEAM Community. People can sweat for limited, or triple threat online or casually play triple threat offline.  Complete the triple threat online NBA2K21 fast and easy follow the guide, so that you can win the NBA 2K21 overpowered triple threat online rewards!

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