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Best 2 Way Playmaker Build in NBA 2K22 Current Gen - 2 Way Playmaker 2K22 Build, Jumpshot & Badges

Date: 1/5/2022 4:01:20 PM

How to make the most insane build in NBA 2K22? Two-way playmaker is a popular build to go in MyPLAYER Builder. On current-gen, here we bring you an overpowered 2-way playmaker build in NBA 2K22, along with the best 2 way playmaker jumpshot and badges. 

2k22 best 2 way playmaker

Best 2 Way Playmaker Build in NBA 2K22 Current Gen - Best Badges for 2 Way Playmaker in 2K22

Starting from the position of the NBA 2K22 current-gen 2-way playmaker build by Clutch DF, this is also the best guard build in 2K22, we choose the point guard, and it doesn’t matter whether you select left or right-handed. The important attributes you want to max out include driving dunk, driving layup and close shot in finishing category, mid-range shot, three-point shot and free throw in the shooting category, pass accuracy, ball handle in playmaking, you also need to upgrade the perimeter defense, lateral quickness and steal. We have exactly 8 finishing, 10 shooting, 21 playmaking, and 19 defensive and rebounding badges. For the height, lots of two-way playmakers in 2K22 go 6’5”, but if we go 6’4”, we can unlock every single dribble move in the game. Then bring the weight down all the way to a minimum, 175 is the perfect weight to be fast as possible. 

Choose Your Skill & Profile

Position: Point Guard

Skill Breakdown: Go with the yellow red pie chart.

Physical Profile: If you can hit level 40 and get a Gym Rat badge, you can choose the fourth pie chart. If you are not gonna hit level 40, just go with the top one.

Set Your Potential Attributes

- Finishing: Close Shot 82, Driving Layup 84, Driving Dunk 77, Standing Dunk 25, Post Hook 30

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot 74, Three-Point Shot 66, Free Throw 82, Post Fade 59

- Playmaking: Pass Accuracy 86, Ball Handle 88, Post Control 40

- Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense 39, Perimeter Defense 85, Lateral Quickness 85, Steal 91, Block 36, Offensive Rebound 40, Defensive Rebound 72

Body Settings

- Body Shape: Slight

- Height: 6’4”

- Weight: 175 lbs

- Wingspan: 85.0”


Slasher takeover is the best to go for this build, you can get contact dunk literally. 


Some of the badges for the two way playmaker build are listed here, but this is not the cap we get. 

- Finishing badges: Limitless Takeoff (Gold)

- Shooting badges: Stop & Pop (Silver), Sniper (Silver)

- Playmaking badges: Quick First Step (HOF), Handles for Days (Gold)

- Defensive badges: Clamps (HOF), Pick Dodger (HOF)

Best 2 Way Playmaker Jumpshot in 2K22

This is a custom jumpshot for 2 way playmaker in NBA 2K22, with lower base Jump Shot 98, and upper release 1 & 2 Release 98, you could time it a lot better, it’s going to be really consistent. 

Base: Jump Shot 98

Release 1: Release 98

Release 2: Release 98

Release Speed: 75%

Animation Blending: 100% Release 98/0% Release 98

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