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nba 2k16 myteam starter guide: how fast skilled myteam

Date: 1/15/2016 11:06:53 AM

if you want to find the fun in myteam quickly, the match between the players will be the first problem you need to solve. here we will share nba2k16 myteam getting started.hoping to help you fast skilled myteam.

domination is what will help build your team up. as you progress you will obtain packs rewarding you players and other team items such as logos and jerseys. it is a good idea to collect these and let them stack early on as they will build up your card collection count and reward you with useful bonus mt amounts at 50 and at 100 cards. from simply getting to 100 cards you will receive a total of 25k bonus mt on-top of what you earn by simply playing domination.

in order to get through domination i suggest you build your team to run in transition and have a good all around coin guard and a dominant big man. defense does not matter much because you are playing on a low difficulty level, and when the cpu plans on scoring, they will do so regardless of what defender is there.

here are a few combinations of guys that would all mesh and work well in tandems:

- john wall

- tbt deron williams

- tbt goran dragic

- '76 dave bing

- brandon jennings

- dynamic tony parker

- jonas valanciunas

- dynamic jonas valanciunas

- dirk nowitzki

- lamarcus aldridge

- demarcus cousins

- carmelo anthony

- marc gasol

- tbt carlos boozer

you want to pair up two of these guys about half way through domination and surround them with athletic shooters to make life easier.

some key wing players are listed below:

- gerald green

- michael kidd-gilchrist

- tbt trevor ariza

- harrison barnes

- kyle korver

- courtney lee

- wesley mathews

- monta ellis

- danny green

- andrew wiggins

- moments rookie mj

- nick young

if you want to buy players but don’t have enough coins, you can buy nba 2k16 mt coins on and get 5% off by using coupon code “nba16”.

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