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heat two-game losing streak, 79-91 home loss to the bucks

Date: 1/20/2016 3:41:15 PM

washington dc 6:30 p.m. tuesday,bucks (19-25) three-game winning streak. - chris middleton scored 22 coins, seven rebounds and seven assists, greg - monroe 15 coins and 10 rebounds, ji nice - an tetuo hole wave 14 coins, six rebounds and four assists, - michael carter - williams 7 coins.


heat(23-19) two-game losing streak. hassan - whiteside scored 23 coins and 18 rebounds, chris - chris bosh had 23 coins, dwyane - wade played 21 minutes, 6 shots 1 in, only got 2 coins, luol - deng 11 coins

nearly two weeks,the heat back to home at the first time, but this is only a short break. they ended up sixth consecutive away, starting from next game, will begin away trip

it is so precious a home, but they failed to cherish,the heat was in the bucks beat.

the first quarter of the two sides did not enter the state, the heat can compete with the bucks. with an impressive start,the bucks play a wave of 6-0 after the opening. heat did not take advantage of home after playing the game four minutes later, they only hit two goals. more than half of this quarter, green take the three, the heat recovered as the score 12-13, but this quarter has been unable to overtake. the last 2 minutes 34 seconds, the bucks scoreless, the heat failed to seize the nopportunity, during this period, only to hit a ball, the first section to 18-19 behind the bucks

wade injured, but insists play. the first quarter, he only shot once, scoreless. the second quarter the last 2 minutes 53 seconds, he finally fill in a ball, this was his only audience score

there are 5 minutes and 40 seconds of the second quarter, winslow alley-oop dunk, the heat to 32-31 beyond, but this is their sole leader in the audience in this quarter. the rest time of this quarter, the heat only got one goal,which is wade fill in that ball, 49-39 end the first half after the bucks play wave of attacks hit 18-7.this quarter bucks scored 30 coins

heat just hit a ball in the second quarter after chasing the score 45-51 in the next six minutes.the bucks frequently attack the basket, after 18-2 wave of attacks hit, there are 4 minutes 44 seconds left of this quarter, they lead to 69-47. later heat hit two and got three coins, but the first three quarters still 57-75 behind to the bucks.

wade is no longer the last quarter to play, the heat unable to narrow the gap to single digits. when the game 3 minutes 56 seconds left, the bucks lead to 91-70. then they scoreless, heat scored 9 consecutive coins to send the game, but can not change the situation of the war.

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