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lebron james tops the list of highest paid nba players released by forbes

Date: 1/21/2016 2:24:43 PM

jan 20, 2016 am time in washington, dc. forbes has released this year’s nba salary rankings. cavaliers star lebron james tops the list with a total income of $71 million, followed by durant and kobe.

lebron james.jpg

although lebron james is not the no. 1 in jersey sales anymore, he’s the highest paid in the league, with a total income of $71 million.

when it comes to calculating the players' income, forbes takes both salary and endorsement contract into consideration. this season, james’s salary at cavaliers reached up to $22.97 million and has an endorsement income of approximately $48 million. not long ago, james signed a lifetime deal with nike signed. 

in forbes’latest nba salary rankings, durant ranks the second place ($56.2 million), followed by kobe ($50 million).

in fact, this year, james’ income is expected to exceed the sum of incomes of derek ross and harden.

here is a list of the top 10 highest paid nba players released by forbes.

1) james ($71 million)

2) durant ($56.2 million)

3) kobe bryant ($50 million)

4) rose ($34.1 million)

5) harden ($32.8 million)

6) wade ($32 million)

7) anthony ($30.9 million)

8) paul ($30 million)

9) howard ($27.4 million)

10) griffin ($26.9 million)

here is the forbes news:

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