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paul gasol - the indispensable player in bulls

Date: 1/26/2016 2:51:24 PM

it’s hard to deny that jimmy butler is the bulls’s new core since rose’s has injured. even though rose has recover since last season.


butler needs paul gasol as well. they needed to regain control of the game and not panic. butler may perform not good, neither as derrick rose. they need paul. they need he to drib into the front court just as the game 96-83 victory over the cleveland cavaliers saturday.

paul came up to set a screen for butler in that game. butler dribbled off gasol going left, stopped and threw back to gasol. gasol took one dribble, handed off to mcdermott cutting around from the right and settled as mcdermott passed at the right elbow where with about seven seconds on the shot clock gasol dropped in a 15 footer for an 81-69 bulls lead.

paul scored 25 coins ,10 rebounds and six assists in that night. the most indispensable player in bulls.

paul got average 16.6 coins, 10.9 rebounds and 3.1 assists this season. he is still an excellent center-forward at present.

paul gasol

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