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nba: thompson's 34 coins and green's triple-double help warriors win over knicks

Date: 2/1/2016 5:50:22 PM

nba warriors (116-95) wins over the knicks. the warriors has won their consecutive 7th victory, while knicks lost their 5th game in the latest 6 games. stephen curry fg 5-17 earned 13 coins. clay thompson and draymond green’s great performances helped the team win. thompson fg 14-18 earned 34 coins and green fg 9-9 earned 20 pts 10 ast 10 reb, the 9th triple-double this season.

nba green.png

star of today: green set a record

after the game against 76 ers, green conducted self criticism and said that the desire for triple-double affected the team. in this game, green not only corrected but also proved that team’s tactical play doesn’t affect his harvest of the triple-double. he made his 9th triple-double in this game, which makes him the top of the list of nba triple-double ranking this season. he has had 10 triple-doubles since his debut and ranks the third place in the history of the warriors. green’s fg 9-9 made a triple-double, with a success rate of 100%. he earned a triple-double with a hundred percent hit rate and is the first on in history.

in this year’s nba all-star game in toronto, draymond green will stand on the all-star game race track for the first time. instead of being the most glorious moment in his career, it will be his new starting coin on the road to be a super star. stephen curry has gradually become the league’s best player. thompson also is vying for the title of the best coin guard in nba. where will green rank among the mvp list?

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