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nba 2k15 my career mode: how to use pg to take control of the game

Date: 6/24/2015 10:31:29 AM

as one of the most popular modes, nba 2k15 my career allows gamers to see the incredible growth from a free agent to a super star. how can gamers raise their players from bench warmers to stars? coin guard is the most popular position among gamers. we like it when we take control of the ball. please check out the following tips on how to take control of the game.


1.reduce the time of being an individual player. individual offensive performances are very low in efficiency, which also leads to dissatisfaction among other teammates and less understanding.

2.identify tactics. many automatic tactics will result in very poor performances. you are supposed to change tactics or perform the pick and roll. the most practical tactic requires you to stand in the middle pressing rb button and choosing yourself before pressing the arrow keys. good defense. get familiar with the rhythm of ai to know whether ai is ready to break through or is controlling the ball waiting for other teammates' moves. if the opponents are playing tactics, you must immediately go to steal with a maximum of two times. those who steal for the third time are very likely to foul. your teammates are supposed to fill in the vacancy when you are stealing.

4.have a good knowledge of the different characteristics of your teammates. you need to pass the ball different ways according to their respective abilities. sg and sf are able to make three-coin shots. must be very familiar with passing skills such as fancy pass, bounce pass and lob pass.


it is easy to be a pg. pg is the one who control the ball and start attack and defense.

stealing the ball is important because it will lower the opponents’ shooting opportunities to 5-7 times.


main stealing skills:

1.gamble on stealing the ball from the opponent.
2.steal from the inside post player trying to get to the free throw lane.

in the first situation, if you've played the game long enough, you will know when to steal and how to block out the opponents. even if you fail to steal, you can make timely adjustments and manage to block out when the opponents break through.

in the second situation, you can face the attack from the opponent’s center with a quick steal.

learning how to deal with the ball is one of the pleasures of playing basketball. nba 2k15's authenticity is very impressive. good tactics can help you improve your performances in the game. for more nba 2k15 tips and tricks, please visit

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