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best recommended lineup for nba 2k15 myteam: 00-01 iverson, 95-96michael jordan, andre iguodala, 93-94 hakeem olajuwon and 61-62 wilt chamberlain

Date: 6/25/2015 8:35:03 AM

there is always a best team in each game, and nba2k15 myteam is no exception. what is the best team in your opinion? you can take a look at the best lineup in my eyes.

00-01iverson, 95-96michael jordan, andre iguodala, 93-94 hakeem olajuwon and 61-62 wilt chamberlain


00-01 iverson
this year’s considered iverson’s best year. led by his incredibly wonderful performances, the philadelphia 76ers advanced to the nba finals where they faced the lakers which had the strongest lineup ever. however iverson's accomplishments will never be forgotten. he never throws in the towel. he’s nba’s best pg in the 00-01 season.


95-96 michael jordan
among jordan’s many best moments, his performances in the 95-96 season are my favorite. he’s the best sg ever and can always score in any position at any angle.


andre iguodala
andre iguodala is this year's fmvp. his amazing performances in the finals helped the warriors win the championship. sf fmvp card is very powerful. his rebounding and clutch shooting performances are his key value. nba 2k15 fans will want to have him.


93-94 hakeem olajuwon
he’s been crucial to the rockets’ winning of a championship. he always takes control of the inside, with numerous achievements of rebounding, scoring and capping. have him in your myteam, and he will dominate the inside.


61-62 wilt chamberlain
chamberlain is too famous to be introduced. all basketball fans know this king of nba statistics and his position in the court. he’s set so many records. he had his best performances in the 61-62 season, with an average score of more than 50. with him you won’t have to worry about the offensive performances.


this is the best lineup: pg+sg+sf+2c. the team will have perfect performances in the inside-outside break and attack. it takes loads of myteam coins to have these players. if you are looking to buy myteam coins, you can choose


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