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warriors won over heat and curry ties record with 3

Date: 2/25/2016 5:44:21 PM

after the warriors beat the hawks, the team broke through the bull in the 1995-1996 season to create the fasters in league history to record 50 wins. in the february 24 game the warriors vs the heat, curry ties record with 3 in 127th 

consecutive game. 

after the opening, wade quickly in fromt of the warriors showed his hard power, he shoot the first 5 goals and all shooting.curry got seven coins in front of the warriors, and shooted 3 in 127th consecutive game. the first period of the 

game the heat 30-21 lead the warriors, but the other 3 periods warriors lead last the warriors' 118-112 won over the heat on wednesday night.

let's look at the game tonight what interesing happened.

the game vip curry got 10 in 52 seconds, this is curry in the final 1 minute 6 seconds to do!in warriors 2 coins behind the heat played the full potential of the situation, curry connected to two straight three-coiners to finalize the 

results of the competition. curry shot 14 to 29 of the efficiency of the ninth play of the season scored at least 40 coins in the game, shooting 6 of 12 three-coiners.

hassan whiteside   draymond green

hassan whiteside played well today, once inside 15 minutes had 15 coins, seven rebounds, finished with 21 coins and 13 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, inside the warriors off the hook. draymond green also believes that traditional center 

dead yet?

"small ball only to those who do not have the ability to score effective center # this is the truth, i hope you will use a 6-6 players to defend me." august 2015, whiteside wrote on social media.

before today's game, whiteside of bickering and green still obsessed, he told reporters: "i hope the warriors do not let andrew - andrew bogut playing too long, they give me an opportunity to test a small lineup."

green desperately wanted to defend whiteside, but because the height difference is too large, the body has been positioned against whiteside, do not jump. the result is not only whiteside layup, foul shooting also caused green to 

complete a three-coin play. cole green directly replaced, and soon also with anderson varejao replaced bogut started to play a small lineup.

whiteside began inside arise, scatter first received luol deng pass dunk, and then they received dragic alley-oop pass directly varejao domineering head split button with one hand . he scored eight coins in a row one, directly to the 

warriors of the smaller lineup inside hook. in desperation, cole had put andrew bogut, to strengthen the defense of whiteside.

in the first half, just 15 minutes, whiteside get 15 coins, seven rebounds, one off the hook warrior inside, forcing cole in exchange for big lineup. back to the first edge of the second half of white hair, and bogut are positioned to 

have the smaller lineup than face the warriors. from this perspective, the white side today promises to blow the warriors small lineup to win and green bickering.

warriors remain significantly better than the 1995-96 season the bulls winning rhythm, continue approaching the record of 72 wins.

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