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warriors beat clippers 115-102, and stephen curry sets 3-coin record

Date: 2/26/2016 11:21:06 AM

in nba, records are set and broken every year. in the game warriors against clippers, stephen curry celebrated his milestone in league career by making at least one 3-coin in 128 consecutive regular season games. he makes history.


the best scoring coin guard ever

before the game between warriors and clippers, curry has managed to make at least one 3-coin in 127 consecutive games and has shared the nba record together with kyle korver. curry has made 4.9 3-coiners per game this season. his talent and performance are beyond words. he's able to make the most of every opportunity to score. he's one of the best in nba history.

since november 2014, curry has managed to made at least on 3-coin in every game. he played 471 regular season games, and only failed to make 3-coin in 34 games. the latest failure was when warriors lost a home game 100-113 over spurs where he failed to make it. taken the latest game into consideration, curry has made 533 of 1,175 3-coiners, with average 4.2 3-coiners.

curry has set multiple records as the 3-coin king

as the 3-coin king in nba's history, curry has set multiple 3-coin records since 2009 when he joined nba. in regular season mvp in the 2014-15 season, curry has made 286 3-coiners, setting the record of nba single season 3-coin record. this season curry has made 267 3-coiners. it is most likely that he will set another record.

in the fifth 2015 western conference semifinals, curry became the fast player who makes 100 3-coiners in nba playoff history. he only played 28 games and broken the record set by ray allen who played 35 games to made the records.

how far curry is behind allen on the way to become a legend

in the first three seasons of his nba career, curry suffered from foot injury. he began to recover to the desired health condition from the 2012-13 season. later he began to release his ferocious offensive power and led warriors to win in 2015 when he also reached the peak of his career. curry scored average 30 coins this season and ranked the first in the league. with amazing offensive efficiency, he has 50.7% shooting and 45.5% 3-coin shooting rate. his efficiency reaches 32.2 alliance and is the best in the league.

the 28-year-old player ranks the third in nba history with 1458 3-coin. the kind of 3-coin in the history is allen with 2973. in addition to long-range shooting, allen's evergreens property also helps in the making of the honor of king of 3-coin. he played in nba until 39 years old and played in 1300 regular season games with average 2.3 3-coin. to broke ray allen's record, curry needs to maintain high standard of shooting and excellent physical condition.

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