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cavaliers to reshuffle if fail to win a championship; kyrie irving may join the lakers

Date: 3/2/2016 12:31:30 PM

kyrie irving is not happy in cleveland. compared to the cleveland, he'd prefer to join other teams rather than the cleveland. it's been the second season since the formation of the big three of lebron james, kevin love and kyrie irving. however, their performances fail to let people see the hope to win. if they fail to win this season, then it is likely that cleveland cavaliers will be restructured this summer. kyrie irving is the best coin guard in nba 2k16 mt and has the potential of becoming a superstar. he still needs more achievements. james already has lots of personal achievements and championships. if irving wants to become a top class player, he needs to learn from the honors received by the best players. since it's not easy for cleveland to win a championship, the best choice for irving is to leave. the media cannot wait to list the possible teams irving will join. 

nba 2k16 mt kyrie irving 2.jpg

los angeles lakers

bryant will retire after this season, so the lakers need a new iconic star the next season. the lakers general manager has been trying to find new player through draft. if the lakers can get a gifted superstar, then all the players in the team can be traded. if irving joins the lakers, he will definitely an important role in the team despite the limited chance to win a championship in a short time.

minnesota timberwolves

minnesota has not lack the potential at all these days. although rubio performs rather well, the arrival of irving will allow this young team to become more competitive. 

new york knicks

if irving is going to choose the knicks, he will join anthony and porzingis to form the big three. don't bother about the possible conflict between the styles of irving and anthony. it's true that the knicks needs better performance to return to the eastern conference playoffs.

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