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nba 2k16 mycareer and mypack player creation guide

Date: 3/3/2016 2:32:48 PM

when it comes to nba 2k16 mycareer and mypack player creation selection, most gamers have the experience of creating according to the player's template. however, when you are finished, you will find that in nba 2k16 mycareer the player's template is not necessarily suitable for you. in mycareer and mypack modes, you are supposed to create your own career rather than create another certain superstar. if you follow the template, you will find the results different from your goal. the weight does not affect the strength and stature. presents you a guide on the basic player creation, and hopefully it will help you get started and avoid some mistakes.

player creation

1. let's start with the pg. the ideal height for a pg is the default 191cm outline pg with 88 shot three, 85 speed and the ability to penetrate and slam dunk. shot three double red circle along with the temporary capacity make 99 shot three possible. with 84 speed and 87 shot three, the 193 cm pg's both ratings are less than the 191 cm's. of course, with the absence of buff, the fastest and most accurate pg is the 171 cm outline pg, with both ratings up to 94.

2. the second most popular position is the sg. if you choose mypack and care about the slam dunk moves, then you can choose the 196 cm balanced sg with 80 shot three. after you buy the ability enhance 85 (85 rating a-, 79 to 84 rating b+), the penetrate and slam dunk can reach over 80.

there are lots of gamers who are good at playing the mp outline sg and inside sg. outside is recommended, because inside is limited in face of big center, which is annoying.

3. the sf is a very awkward position in nba 2k16, because sf's shot three rating is far worse than the guard's. sf is not fast and is worse than inside player in terms of slam dunk. if you'd like to have a sf with accurate shot three, penetration, slam dunk and speed, then you have to sacrifice the height. a 194 sf with 74 shot three, 80+slam dunk will have little room to perform well if he encounters a center in mycareer and mypack.

4. we'd like to talk about pf and c together, because they have similar stats. every type of c has a natural advantage over pf in height and strength. pf can't rely on speed to make up, because he is only a little faster than c.

whether with mc mode or mp, center's advantages are obvious. the conclusion is based on my personal experience of playing with c and pf. c has too many advantages. 

if you have a personal plot, then this simple guide is not suitable for you. only recommends reasonable model from a view of mc and mp. 

basic things you must know

the height of the two guard positions has a significant influence on shot three rating. the height has little effect on the forwards. when it comes to sf, 10 cm different in height results in 1 coin in shot three rating. outside pf and outside c have the same shot three rating, which is to say that 2021 com outside and inside center forwards are playable and have obvious advantage in inside. outside c has more advantages than inside c in mp mode.

outside c's shot three can reach 75 and has better middle distance shot than pg.

inside c has more advantages than mc in inside dominance. 

type c up to 75 three-coiners outside, cic better than pg.

inside dominance in the paint in the mc type c is more obvious.

no matter what position,'s recommendations just work as a reference. it's up to you to make the choice. you can check out our guide select your desirable player.

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