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nba 2016 mvp ranking: stephen curry is the front runner for consecutive 17 times

Date: 3/5/2016 10:35:02 AM

nba official website has released the latest issue of mvp ranking where stephen curry is still the front runner. he's been the no. 1 for the consecutive 17 issues this season, followed by lebron james, kevin durant, chris paul, kawhi leonard, and russell westbrook. james harden still does not get the nomination for a second consecutive week. the following are the details of the mvp ranking of this issue.

1. curry (warriors), the ranking: 1

as the best player in february, curry has averaging 36.7 coins, shooting percentage 54.9%,  three-coin shot percentage 53.6% and free throw percentage 87.5%. these figures speak for themselves. he also has averaged 7.3 assists, 5.6 rebounds and 1.9 steals. he still made 33 scores despite the poor performance against the thunder nba 2k16 mt, and stephen curry has three special cards, and scoring only 98 280k 2k16 mt, the best player in the league, only need this price you can get his card.


2, james (cavaliers), the ranking: 3

james recently goes to miami and trains with wade, which causes media's speculation. but he will definitely go all out on the pitch. he shot 14 of 22 and scored 33 coins in the win over the pacers.

3, durant (thunder), the ranking: 2

the thunder continued to be out of control. in eight games after the all-star break, they only won two games. they were defeated by the warriors in yesterday's game where scored 32 coins, 10 rebounds and 9 assists. but he also had 9 turnovers.

4, paul (clippers), the ranking: 5

paul's performance in the last two months is absolutely monster level. in the last five games in which he played both double-double. in the last 10 games he had average 24.5 coins and 10.7 assists.

5, leonard (san antonio), the ranking: 7

in the last four games, leonard had average 28.3 coins and 7.5 rebounds, shooting percentage 60.5%. in the last win over the pelican, leonard got 30 coins and 11 rebounds, which is his second time this season to score over 30.

6, damian lillard (portland), the ranking: 6

7, westbrook (thunder), the ranking: 4

since winning the all-star game mvp, westbrook and the thunder's performances are not steady. although the last five games he has averaged 27.2 coins, his shooting percentage is only 44% and three-coin shot percentage percent only 27% .

8, kyle lowry (toronto), the ranking: 9

9, bradley richmond green (warriors), the ranking: 8

10, dwyane wade (miami heat), the ranking: not ranked

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