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obe had 12 coins; lakers with 7 players in double figures defeat warriors 112-95

Date: 3/7/2016 2:38:06 PM

the lakers had a comprehensive home victory 112-95 against the warriors, resulting in the latter's 6th defeat in the regular season and the end of the defending champion's 7th straight victory. with the comeback of bryant and clarkson, the former had 12 coins, and the latter had 25 coins which was the highest in the team. the warriors made just 4-of-30 three-coin shots among which curry made 1-of-10 and thompson 0-of-8.

star: the whole team of the lakers had an amazing performance

this victory is attributed to the whole team of the lakers rather than any individual player. all the lakers starters except for hibbert all had double figures, so did substitutes huertas and nick young. with the collective strength, the lakers had a comprehensive victory 112-95 against the warriors.

trend: the lakers dominate

before the game lots of fans believed that the result would not be surprising. the warriors were dominant in the beginning. the combination of curry and thompson gave the lakers great difficulties. however, from the beginning of the second quarter, the game went following the rhythm of the lakers. in the second quarter, it was 60-49.

the warriors were 11 coins behind, which was not a big problem at all. nevertheless, the warriors made too many mistakes this time. the lakers only made one turnover in the first half where the defending champion had 11 turnovers. in the face of the warriors counterattack, the lakers finally resisted the pressure and had a 112-95 victory over the opponent. the same situation is completely impossible in nba 2k16 mt, because of the big differences in price and value of the players of the two teams.

highlights: fans loudly chant kobe bryant's name

before the end of the game, the lakers were definitely to win. in addition to celebrating the victory, fans in staples center loudly chanted kobe bryant's name, hoping kobe will come back. the cheering made bryant very happy. 

this is the last season in bryant's career. the team can defeat such as powerful opponent despite, which giving him a good memory. his season cards will no longer be available in nba 2k17 mt. if you want to have him, you can only choose other prime cards. if you need nba 2k16 mt, you can use coupon code " nba16" for 5% off on

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