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lakers defeated warriors, reducing the latter's chance to win 73 games to only 34%

Date: 3/8/2016 3:42:17 PM

according to the report, after the lakers defeated the warriors, bpi came to a conclusion by calculating the probability that the chance the warriors win over the bulls in the regular season decreased from 60% to 34%.

currently, the warriors have 55 wins and 6 losses. if they want to win 73 games and surpass the record of the bulls, they must manage to have 18 wins and 3 losses in the last 21 games, which will be a difficult task.

of course, if they want to tie the record, it will be less difficult. according to a probability calculation, the warriors' chance to win 72 games is 60%. as far as this is concerned, a loss to the lakers negatively affects the warriors' chance to break the record. 

it is not easy to break the record. in addition to the team's state and the performance of the opponent, every game must be treated as the playoffs otherwise the record can only be broken in nba 2k16 mt. espn also lists the subsequent six games and the warriors' chance to win. the prediction goes like 89% (orlando), 88% (jazz), 87% (portland), 95% (suns), 91% (pelicans) and 91% (knicks). undoubtedly, the defending champion is likely to wash away the embarrassment of losing to the lakers with upcoming wins. the team should avoid more loss. 

in the rest games of the warriors, the team will clash with the spurs 3 times and the clippers. these games all have a big impact on the 73-win goal. players' individual performances, the performance of the whole team and the opponent ability all matter in the regular season record. in the reality, the nba games are not at all like in the nba 2k16 mt where players can restart the game. therefore, it is the moment to test if the warriors can withstand the pressure. they have defeated the stronger teams, but should also take the poor teams seriously. in the 6 losses, the team was defeated by teams that are less good than them. if you'd like to advance to experience the absolute strength of the warriors, you can buy a set of their top cards in the basketball game nba 2k16 mt. is here to offer you the best deals. use discount coupon code "nba16" for 5% off.

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