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top 5 shortest nba players: basketball is not necessarily a game for the tall players

Date: 3/14/2016 11:48:14 AM

we all know that basketball is a sport in need of height. if a player is nearly 2.2 meters in height, even if poor he has poor athletic ability, he has the possibility to dominate. physical talent is a prerequisite for the sport. to have an outstanding professional career, a player should be strong is physics.

however, in fact, in the nba history, there are many short players. take nba 2k16 mt for example, you are able to enjoy pleasant and creative gaming experience by the combination of different types of players. we usually spend nba 2k16 mt to build a reasonable team to pk others. if you have a team of less than 6 feet players and the team is strong enough to beat all other strong teams, you are able to enjoy more sense of achievement. isn't the game more exciting this way? if you need nba 2k16 mt coins, you can use "nba16" for 5% discount on

here is a list of the top 5 shortest players in nba history.

5. terrell brandon, 180cm

compared to stoudamire, brandon came in fifth just because his achievement for the trean is greater. in his cleveland time, brandon is the main scorer in cavaliers, but after being traded to the timberwolves, this former super coin guard becomes less outstanding.

throughout his career, brandon averaged 13.8 coins, 6.1 assists and 1.6 steals. most unfortunately, he only needed six coins to reach 10,000 coins in his career just before he retired.

4. damon stoudamire, 180cm 

damon stoudemire is known as one of the most incredible professional basketball players in nba history.

in his first three seasons, he had averaging 18.8 coins and 9 assists. after spending the most efficient three years, damon's average coins slipped to 13.4 coins and 6.1 assists. however, he has a rather good career among the players less than 6 feet in nba history.

nba 2k16 mt 97 damon stoudamire.jpg

3. spud webb, 169cm

webb is the shortest player in the history to the nba slam dunk contest. he is able to bounce 1.5 meters and 1.3 meters and beat wilkins in 1986's slam dunk contest. back then, webb was able to have average 14.7 coins and 7.2 assists

nba 2k16 mt 86 spud webb.jpg

2. michael adams, 178 cm

adams has a career of ups and downs. some fans do not even think that he can surmount the top five on this list. however, in terms of achievement 90-91 season, adams is absolutely the most powerful among the list. then nuggets coach gave adams a chance of starting. however, the coach didn't expect that this short player became legendary. in that season, adams averaged 26.5 coins and 10.5 assists. no one would have thought he can make such achievement.

1. calvin murphy, 179 cm

murphy played for the rockets for 13 seasons with average 17.9 coins and a total of 17949 coins, become one of the players with the most coins, only second to olajuwon. murphy had his best season in 1977 with averaging 25.6 coins. however, this is only the data in the nba. calvin murphy is a player with strong offensive capability. he's able to easily beat the defensive player despite his short height.

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