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nba 2k16 mycareer mode tigs: 8 changes we need in 2k17

Date: 4/26/2016 2:59:13 PM

when the announcement was made that spike lee would direct the nba2k16 career mode, many fans were looking forward to it.

such expectations are reasonable. spike lee is famous for depicting of the development of the nobody. at the same time, he is a big fan of basketball. he cooperated with basketball star ray allen in the movie he got game which was a big success. create a constantly prove himself in the nba court, and ultimately toward a brilliant fitting that player in the game.

unfortunately, nba 2k16 mycareer mode cannot be under the leadership of the story spike lee with plump flesh and blood, but into an awkward position. here are eight content needs to be changed in the 2k17.


8. you are not the real hero

although 2k16 mycareer advocacy for freedom of the story, but at the beginning mycareer mode, did not we think of free play, always fixed scenes and characters, chats are all alike, even the names are not the names we created during the , long boring story hard to arouse the interest.

7. the high school and college career experiences are meaningless

although the game has a number of options for players to self-determination, for example, select high school and college, but the impact of those choices on the plot almost nothing. whether you choose which university, you will be the greatest popular pick joined. in addition, after the game, you act in any case in the field, it will be special because of the devaluation of the story; in addition, you choose and performance in high schools and universities for future nba career is no impact.

6. you do not hook your game performance with your position in the nba

the logic is usually outside the wind assessment and will be based on your performance in the game and change. however, nba 2k16 is not the case. when just entering the league, the league you are least able player in this lower position, the players will be more a prudent approach to the game in the game. the question is, when you in the game are just finished a bad score f game, the media puts you called the next lebron james. it must be very strange.

5. tedious cutscenes

anyway strengthen drama factors, basketball is "nba2k" eternal core; however, too many cutscenes was interrupted fluency of the game, destroying the player's game feel.

4. the focal coin of the story is too far away from basketball

child protagonist of manslaughter in a street fight, a friend died in a car accident and other plot, although there is a good expression, but people feel very different from the actual basketball game.

3. annoying friend vic

vic is the protagonist's best friend, but also a very important role. but in general, the performance can be said that this role is not very lovable. many associated with him is ironic story boring content.

2. rookies only play only eight games

in his rookie season with the player's pivotal role in the growth, but this made little playing time so that not only the players completely lost the chance to compete for rookie of the year, and even adapt to the rhythm of the game very difficult. unable to compete for rookie of the year, the most value rookie players.

1. after the rookie season, the shadow of the story will continue to interfere with the game experience

even if successfully get through his rookie season, you still cannot enjoy the game happily. due friend vic, you will be expelled from the team mercilessly. however, this is not the end of the story, in the second year of career. you will rookie season because of poor performance by the parties blame.

in the real life nba, every rookie has some performance opportunities. players who seize the opportunity can improve the position in the team and even participate in the rookie show, skill race and compete for rookie of the year. however in nba 2k16, we are completely unable to participate in this kind of career, the most expressive development. we need the 8 changes in 2k17. players really look forward to the new improvement. 

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