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anthony davis likely to lose $24 million if he's shut down for the season' remainder

Date: 3/21/2016 2:01:04 PM

anthony davis is likely to be absent for the season's remainder. for more nba news, please visit

pelicans announce that the team headed star anthony davis will miss the remainder of the season all the games, thus anthony davis players in nba 2k16 mt cards fixed in three cards 91.92.97. he will probably not enter the team of the year due to the absence.

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coach alvin gentry said the team made this decision mainly because davis is currently suffering the impact of the left knee and shoulder injuries. taking into account that the team has been unable to make the playoffs, the team make such a decision.

"i wouldn't say no to that. i wouldn't say no to that," gentry said. "i think we've gotta be smart collectively, along with him. and like i said, i think we'll know a lot more after they talk to the doctors (saturday). and then i think there can be some decisions made. i think that's something that he would definitely have to consider."

before the announcement, davis has an average 24.3 coins and 10.3 rebounds per game. he has played 61 games. what is disapcoining to the pelicans is that they have 25 wins and 43 losses, ranking fourth in the west.

as the 2012 champion, with the outstanding performance last season, davis not only helps pelican playoffs, and became the nba league super star. anthony davis announced that today reimbursement injury might cause him loss of $ 24 million. under the contract, if last season, davis named team of the year  this season named team of the year to continue, then his five-year contract will become 145 million. however, if he cannot be selected for the best single season team, then his five-year contract will become 121 million.

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