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new record? nba warriors have a 65% chance of reaching 73 wins; 72 wins is becoming realistic

Date: 3/28/2016 11:37:53 AM

ccording to all nba teams' performances, the defending champion should win easily. espn argues that the warriors have 65% odds to reach 73 wins.

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once the warriors can get 73 wins, which means they will go beyond the 95-96 season, the bulls, becoming the first real history. in addition, they got the win probability of 72, up to 88%, which is almost a record level of probability locked.

espn predicts the game in which the warriors are likely to have the 72ed wins. in the last four games, opponents are defending champion spurs, grizzlies, spurs and grizzlies, which probability at home against the spurs got 72 wins is 25%. the road against the grizzlies get the probability of 72 wins to 32 %; the probability victory away against the spurs got the first 72 to 10%; home finale against the grizzlies got the win probability of 72 to 21%.

the probability to get the 73th win is focused on the road against the grizzlies (19%), away against the spurs (14%) and the finale at home against the grizzlies (32%) of these three games. by comparison visible, the spurs play away is obviously a tough battle. the warriors are most likely to achieve 73 wins in the finale of the record.

it is worth mentioning that the first team to get the probability of the regular season has been 100%, the probability of the finals to reach 52%, the probability of winning is 46%.

from the rest of the game, the warriors opponents are philadelphia 76ers, wizards, jazz (passenger), celtics, blazers, minnesota timberwolves, spurs, grizzlies (passenger), san antonio (off) with the grizzlies. there are a total of seven at home, three on the road. once turned on if the spurs holiday mode,, so you can be sure that before that the warriors will make concerted efforts to win more wins. remember, cole is 72 wins and 10 losses in a bull. given that they have the opportunity to realize the history, fans can expect. although the warriors are different from any other teams, we must admit that they are indeed the best team in history.

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