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warriors will not rest players to break 72 win record

Date: 3/30/2016 2:44:38 PM

regular season has entered the final closing stages, nba league playoff teams tend to rest players to prepare for the playoffs. duncan, parker, kyrgyzstan nobili and leonard were rested in the game spurs against the grizzlies. as the league's leading team, spurs coach cole represents do so because they are older and the right to decide whether the holiday will be handed warriors player.

popovich has begun to rest duncan, tony parker, manu ginobili and leonard. he said: "popovich very smart, they've locked the second position, behind team not constitute a threat to them, but what they do not need to chase the record, i would be very interested to see whether they will be playing at home when the holiday, they do not want to maintain their unbeaten home record it?"

however, popovich has always been doing, obviously, their team a lot older than us, duncan, tony parker and manu ginobili hit this stage of his career, we are in need of rest. however, the warriors coach cole did not do, "we will not change anything," cole said. today braves record of 66 wins and 7 losses, just nine games can win the next seven games, and then they broke the record of 72 wins held the bulls then, "we desire to create a team record."

for this attitude cole, clay thompson said: "the team's veteran all appreciate this approach, i think they no rest day, we, as a young player, and you want to be able to play as many matches proud."

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