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nba best player list: westbrook becomes the second, surpassing lebron and durant

Date: 3/31/2016 6:04:57 PM

from the nba regular season remaining two weeks, mvp curry is already a foregone conclusion. however, in the closing stages, westbrook outstanding performance, continuous beyond james, durant, and leonard, rose to the second position player strength list, behind curry.

1. curry (warriors)

player efficiency rating: 9.41 (1st)

in only two cast 28 percent three-coin shooting, the curry strong rebound, he continuously under the h-33 coins. therefore, the library does not fatigue, nor in any manner that locked his defense. curry continued his playing electronic games like fantasy performance. it is worth mentioning that the library has played a historic season, but he did not sacrifice the opportunity to show his teammates.

2. westbrook (thunder)

player efficiency rating: 8.30 (4th)

two weeks ago, westbrook only the sixth highest on the list, but he continuous detonation three pairs, more importantly, his overall performance to help the thunder win the game. we can no longer ignore westbrook's performance, he has seven times the contribution in march 3 double tied the record held by michael jordan monthly three pairs of numbers. westbrook 16 single-season triple-double, nearly 30 years after the "magic" johnson, and the gap is only one field.

3. james (cavaliers)

player efficiency rating: 8.13 (5th)

james impeccable personal performance, he may still be the world's best players. james knight allowed competitors to become champion, and broke into the finals, but it cannot win, but also his partner around their performance, especially in two all-star teammates.

4. durant (thunder)

player efficiency rating: 6.09 (8th)

in westbrook, crazy cut three pairs, when durant also has a comprehensive performance, he raptors h-34 coins, eight rebounds and eight assists for the jazz only 1 assists and 2 rebounds able to send three pairs. thunder has ibaka and kanter adams, is the best team in the league in rebounds, but the team's rebounding is durant, who averaged grabbed 8.3 rebounds.

5. leonard (san antonio)

player efficiency rating: 9.06 (2nd)

heat's game in adelaide, tim duncan, tony parker, and manu ginobili scored on a double under no circumstances; leonard carries the team, under the h-32 coins and eight rebounds. however, due to injury, leonard has missed a week.

ranked 6-10 players are paul (clippers), lillard (portland), aldridge (spurs), lori (toronto), and george (pacers). if you want to experience the best players in the nba mvp assembly team on the list, you can buy a set of their top cards in the basketball game nba 2k16 mt and nba 2k17 mt is here to offer you the best deals. use discount coupon code "nba16" for 5% off.

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