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march's best lineup: durant overwhelms james; curry has superb performance

Date: 4/1/2016 3:22:26 PM

due to the approach of the end of regular season, the nba games competitions grow fiercer. every team that is likely to enter the playoffs is working hard. all teams strive for a better result. 

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nba west rankings

warriors, spurs, thunder and clippers are basically the first four places. grizzlies and blazers for playoff opponents encountered selected wins; mavericks, jazz, rockets three teams for the final two western compete for a playoff spot.

nba east rankings

cleveland and toronto are likely to rank the first and second places. hawks, celtics, heat, hornets corresponding to each other to find their opponents; pistons, pacers, bulls three teams for the final two playoff places in eastern contention. all the other teams are not willing to be the cost for others to enter the playoffs.

let us look at the players who have the best performance in march.

stephen curry(45000 mt coins ps4,32000 mt coins xb1)

nba 2k16 mt 149 stephen curry.jpg

peak value: 51

score: 31 coins

rebounds: 5.5

assists: 6.5

steals: 1.8

curry averaged 3 coins shot 12.2 times, hit rate 45.4%; shooting the ball, averaging 4.4 times, plus one-third of the overall hit rate of 68.7% shooting the ball, averaging 9.9 times, third hit rate of 60.4% as addition. 

james harden(35000 mt coins ps4,29000 mt coins xb1)

nba 2k16 mt 149 james harden.jpg

peak value: 49.3

score: 30.5 coins

rebound: 6

assists: 7.9 assists

steals: 1.8

harden averaged 10.1 times a breakthrough, ranking the top in the non-pg 3; averaging 73.1 times the ball, other than pg ranked no. 1; pass conversion is averaging 19.6 coins.

kevin durant(40000 mt coins ps4,41000 mt coins xb1)

nba 2k16 mt 149 kevin durant.jpg

peak value: 51.5

score: 29 coins

rebounds: 9.4 

assists: 6.1

durant averaged 5.4 times breakthrough, shooting 61.4%; passing averaging 44.6 times, 16.4% pass into the score.

anthony davis(50000 mt coins ps4,26000 mt coins xb1)

nba 2k16 mt 149 anthony davis.jpg

peak value: 45.7

score: 27 coins

rebound: 11

steals: 1.3

cap: 1.4

demarcus cousins(3500 mt coins ps4,6300 mt coins xb1)

nba 2k16 mt 149 demarcus cousins.jpg

peak value: 48.1

score: 27.9 coins

rebounds: 13.1

steals: 1.9

cap: 1.6

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